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1st book of 2021: How to fail at almost anything and still win big, by Scott Adams

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Scott Adams is a terrific guy! He's the creator of Dilbert which is perhaps the most successful comic strip of all time. Before turning into a famous cartoonist, Scott worked in the corporate world and spectacularly failed his way to the top.

If you're looking to learn from a super rich and successful guy who could be your "friend", Scott sounds exactly like that in his books. A smart friend with a great sense of humour. Nice guy...

"How to fail at almost anything.." is the story of his life and the way to "make it" in his eyes. The levels of awareness, humility and hilarity in this book are off the charts, and the work is filled to the brim with funny experiences and a profound overarching philosophy. This might as well be the best self help book I've ever read, because it's only born out of Scott's personal experiences. No fake science, no shit. Just life and how it went. Beautiful!

Salient points: Passion is bullshit, Goals are for losers and must be replaced by "Systems", and my favourite - luck.

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