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18th book of 2020: Traveling Music - The Soundtrack to my life and times, by Neil Peart

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Musicians (especially Rockstars) are usually not great role models for kids. They're known to indulge in more than their share of drinking, smoking, drugs, sex, and god knows what else. Their personal lives are often a mess and even professionally - it's not exactly "easy" to work with them. A good question would be to ask if all this conflict is really necessary. Can one be a Rockstar without all these features (or bugs)?

The answer seems to be a big YES. Take Neil Peart, for instance. While being hailed as one of the greatest drummers of all time, playing with one of the biggest bands in the world (Rush), Mr. Peart remained a stable family man who avoided excessive drinking, drugs, and the usual prima donna tantrums that come with the package. He read books (a lot of books!) and also did Bicycle and Motorcycle trips across continents. Music, reading & (extreme) adventure travel. Pretty cool, huh?

Surprisingly (and thankfully), Neil Peart also developed himself as a terrific writer! He wrote seven books (mostly travel memoirs) and the work is extraordinary. Very well crafted, sincere, beautiful and "mature". While his best book is "Ghost Rider: Travels on the healing road" (a true masterpiece), this one was absolutely stunning as well. Left me laughing, smiling and also touched all throughout.

Teaching your kids about people like Neil Peart is a really good idea. All the best!

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