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My Patrons

Since the beginning of my journey as an entrepreneur, musician, or writer, I've had the good fortune of getting supported by people in different ways. The nature and size of contributions notwithstanding, I've never forgotten a kind gesture. On this page, I hereby honour my patrons - people who've made contributions on this website, either by buying my songs or by making donations. 

In this day and age, there's no rational reason for which you need to "buy" any song on the internet, or make a contribution to a website, let alone mine. Yet you did. Not because you had to, but just because you wanted to support me. I want you to know that this means the world, and I'll forever be grateful. This beautiful gesture will not be forgotten, and I'll always keep trying my best to make you proud.


Thank you, a million times and more.


Without further ado, following are my patrons.  

Prateek Dhawan

Alisha Parveen

Ankita Goswami

Garima Behal

Hitesh Dua

Akanksha Pragya

Preeti Singh

Himanshu Sharma

Siddharth Jain

Theodore Ravindranath

Ramli Ramalingam

Nishtha Singhal

Bhaskar Joshi

Radhakrishnan Selvaraj

Sunil Panda

Aditya Tiwana

Siddharth Agrawal

Kaushal Chheda

Anoop Tiwari

Chavi Jain

Dhruv Sharma

Durgeshnandini Rawat

Sukanya Singh

Moulishree Pathak

Sarthak Bhardwaj

Sakshi Kaushik

Astha Katyayan

Jagannathan S

Prabjot Kaur

Shweta Singh

Bharat Bhushan

Rudraksh Haran

Satish Anand

Christabel Neeta Rani

Saurabh Aggarwal

Abdus Salaam


Krish Selvaraj

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