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I've built companies from scratch

As far as I can remember, I always wanted to be an entrepreneur. At an early age, I experienced the hardship a family faces when the bread winner loses his job. This formed my core motivation of creating work opportunities for people - a guiding principle which has stayed as my North Star. I've experienced some success and strongly believe that "something great is around the corner". Well, is it? I hope so.

Startups: Clients


2019 - ongoing

SpotHealth is a health focused platform started with the mission of "making healthy living a mass movement". The company provides healthy food, online doctor consultations, and a chance to join health focused communities, both online and offline.



2018 - 2019

Cread was a social network focused on artists and content creators. The hope was to create a platform which provides better monetization opportunities online. We acquired over 5000 users before pulling the plug, which was unfortunate. It was a journey which didn't end well, but was incredible nevertheless.


The Testament

2012 - 2018

The Testament is a Manpower Outsourcing company which focused on providing interim sales, marketing & market research forces. In the course of our journey, we gave job opportunities to over 1500 people from around 300 cities and 25 states of India. We worked with over 100 companies of all shapes and sizes to do a cumulative business of over $1 Million in a few fiscal years. I started this company in the freshman year of college and by the time we were graduating, it was clogging over a Crore in yearly revenues. In our journey, we made extraordinary investments in path breaking technologies (none of which worked, ultimately). While the bulk of its offerings are no longer available, the company still undertakes select high value projects in the training & development industry.

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