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16th book of 2020: 12 Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson

I'm not into self help literature, but some books are bought (and read) because of the personality behind them, which is what happened here. Jordan Peterson is a Clinical Psychologist who became an internet sensation after uploading his lectures on Youtube. The guy sounded unbelievably sharp and deeply connected with millions of young men (and women) who were sick and tired of the way society was being shaped by the urban intelligentsia. A few things which especially clicked with me:

1. Radical Left is Cancer

2. The Postmodern Feminist narrative is wrong and weird, and

3. 'Happiness' can't (and shouldn't) be the ultimate goal in life

Like many others, I was deeply impressed by Dr. Peterson's splendid thrashing of Communist, Marxist & Feminist ideologues and bought this book in hopes of absorbing a bit of his charisma. I don't regret the decision, but it's true that the book was difficult to complete, being laced with incessantly long theoretical explanations of seemingly simple things (as is the case with most Philosophy and Psychology works). However, it must also be said that the end was deeply gratifying and heart warming. Dr. Peterson concluded by quoting the personal experience of dealing with his sweet daughter's unfortunate medical condition, which was obviously sad, but also very inspiring.

I left the book with a sense of satisfaction.


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