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17th book of 2020: Atomic Habits by James Clear

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

I don't like self help books, but my life tells me I need them. And so...

Atomic Habits is based on a simple concept - small things, followed consistently over long periods of time lead to big changes in life. Things compound. I started playing music a long time ago and have been fairly consistent. It's been over 15 years and I'm now seeing my songs "connecting" with people; finding a place in their playlists and whatnot. Music aside, I've experienced this kind of growth in other areas of life as well. For one, writing these book reviews for years has improved my writing tremendously.

Small steps. Consistency. That's the play.

Anyway, this book begins with the writer's personal experience of dealing with an adversity to eventually come out in style. He literally changed his life by tweaking those "little" things. Atomic habits. As they say, you can't argue with experience. And that's right because the book feels really authentic and real while the writer goes on about his life. Great stuff! However, as soon as he's done being autobiographical, the book quickly slides into the Pop Psychology zone which is...super annoying.

Almost all Pop Psychology (usually self help) books are a "Khichdi" of the same old BS. I've read so many of these repetitive, unoriginal and vaguely inferential books that I could probably write one myself. Who knows! Suckers like me in some corners of the world might even buy it. Seems like a good business.

Jokes aside, it's an "alright" book overall. The first half is especially great. You could try.

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