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7th book of 2021: Get to the top by Suhel Seth

I met Mr. Seth for an episode of my podcast I Read This Book, and inevitably asked for a book recommendation towards the end. His first suggestion was Tuesdays with Morrie, but since I had already read it (lovely book!), I asked for another one. That's when he named 'Get to the top' - a book he wrote in 2011. Looking back, I think it might have been better if I read this one before the meeting (which was the original plan), but past is a bridge to nowhere. Also, better late than never, right? And so it goes..

Get to the top is a handbook on "social success". As we often hear, "Network has a lot to do with net worth". In the startup ecosystem, founders and investors will tell you that "referrals are the holy grail". In the music industry as well, it really helps being friends with the right people. So what's the best way of approaching this? I was interested in learning, especially from Mr. Seth, who's known to be very - for the lack of a better word - "connected". I'm an awkward introvert. Perhaps I needed this?

The book is based on, and laced with, a lot of common sense. Unlike other works of non-fiction, it doesn't try to validate its thesis with "research" and "studies". Sweet relief! Also, it's solely based on personal experiences, so the question of "whether this works" goes out of the window.

I liked the book. It was short, crisp and honest in its tone and it didn't feel as if it was trying to be anything it wasn't. It had a refreshing, candid feel, and was filled with sincere and rare advise on cracking the social code. I learnt a few things, and especially liked the advise of treating people like people (and not like lottery tickets). Was anything missing? The book could have used a lot more anecdotes. It would have been amazing to have read the experiences upon which these learnings were framed. They're always lovely.

Overall an important read for everyone trying to 'Get to the top'.

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