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15th book of 2020: Hey Whipple, Squeeze This by Luke Sullivan

Mission oriented consumer brands (like SpotHealth) are built upon really distinct and strong messaging. There are many other things, of course, but great messaging is at the forefront of that revolution. Naturally, I wanted to learn about it and hence ordered this book right after a friend came forward with the suggestion.

It's a great one! I feel much more educated about advertising now (thank you, Sourav!). Normally, I would write a review of the book I'm done reading. But a good review of this one will only be my making SpotHealth a household name. Fingers crossed and godspeed!

By the way, my musician life just got some real flux! I released a new song and it's doing well (Sona Mahapatra says she likes it). Check it out! Link is in profile.


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