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2nd book of 2020: Ikigai by Hector Gargia & Francesc Miralles

I had an important meeting the next morning which should have had me sleeping early. That (obviously) couldn't happen and I found myself super charged-up at 1 AM. "What do I do? I live with my parents!". The question was real and led me to a deep, meditative experience. Soon enough, I picked up this book and decided to learn "The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life".

The Japanese have the highest life expectancy. And in Japan, a town called Okinawa is famous for smashing those records. '30Under30', '40Under40', etc are all cool. But '100Over100'? That can happen only in Okinawa. Naturally, these writers decided to write a book on it.

My favourite part of the book was that the oldest person of verified age in the history of this planet died at 122, and quit smoking at 120. A French lady, Jeanne Calment said something really cool in one of her final interviews:

"I see badly, I hear badly and feel bad. But everything's fine."

I don't like reading books which sell wisdom borrowed from other books. Especially from the ones I've read already. But I shouldn't complain; I was only trying to sleep.

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