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6th book of 2019: Onwards by Howard Schultz

Starbucks is a great company.

Even though I don't go out as often, I've heard enough good things about it and wanted to learn how they've pulled it off. After all, it's a $150 Billion empire with 30,000 stores which don't run like a typical assembly line. Incredible, right? I think it is.

However, every great company goes through its share of rough times and Starbucks had them in 2007-08. Back then, it seemed like Starbucks was that fabled boiling frog - completely unaware of the shit that's going on around him and ready to be toast anytime soon. Onward is the autobiographical account of its founder talking about the massive turnaround that saved Starbucks during that time.

While the details of that turnaround are beyond the scope of this article, two things are for sure: One, it's incredibly hard. And two - there's no silver bullet.

Howard Schultz (founder) is considering running for President of US and it's not surprising because he surely looks, sounds and feels like one. Everything about the guy is so presidential that sometimes it all sounds too good to be true. How can someone be so good? I don't know.. Learnt a lot about coffee, love, and love for coffee. Good read.


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