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1st book of 2019: Outsiders by William Thorndike

This year was off to a rocky start and it was difficult to read. Glad to have scraped through this one!

The Outsiders tells stories of eight CEOs who did an even better job than Jack Welch (perhaps the most fabled CEO of all time) in giving returns to their shareholders. The book explains how these seemingly obscure gentlemen (and one lady) pulled off such a feat.

So this book is purely from investors' perspective. And investors don't give a shit about pioneering innovation or creationism, or anything of that sort. They only care about returns a stock makes for them; that's all that matters. It takes some real financial wizardry to achieve that consistently, which is what this book is all about.

To share very simply, great CEOs are supposed to be great capital (both financial and human) allocators. How they manage their capital mix (consisting of cash, equity, debt, and people) is what makes them great. Financial world is very confusing, and even though it's not responsible for creating anything, it's very important to learn. Especially if you're an aspiring CEO, or just a guy who wants to make money in stocks.

Full of cool financial wizardry explained very simply, this was a good book. #52booksin2019 #51togo

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