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Potential by Rakesh Mehrotra: Book review by Nishant Mittal

Mr. Mehrotra has been a dear mentor and colleague to me and my brother for a long time. The news of him writing a book came as a pleasant surprise as I've fortunately been aware of his natural sense of humour and terrific personality. Rakesh is an inspiration in many ways, so I instantly ordered the book and gave it a shot.

The first part of the book is Mr. Mehrotra's life story. It's without doubt my favourite part and talks about how he got to where he is today. I honestly didn't expect such great writing, laced with funny anecdotes and beautiful flow. The book kept reminding me of Scott Adams and had me breaking out in bursts of laughter while I was at it. Humour is an extremely essential part of good writing and this book had a lot of it. Rakesh has an incredibly interesting story and his gifted prose captures it beautifully. It was a lot of fun!

Soon enough, the book moves on from his life story to the five Ps of leadership. Purpose, performance, personality, perception and potential. This is a spin on a popular framework in the HR consulting world and Rakesh added his own colours to it. The framework was nice to read and sounds important, but I really wish Rakesh sprinkled it with more anecdotes from his life to make them as interesting as the first part.

All in all, a nice book, especially for people in the HR world. It's a good opportunity to learn from a leader like Rakesh. I'm thankful that I didn't miss that chance.

14th book of 2021, #52booksin2021

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