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Small Win: Coming out with a new song (Sahi) amidst everything

Sahi is coming soon on my website & all streaming platforms will have it a month later. Subscribe to the mailing list to hear it first. :)

It's important to enjoy small wins in life, especially when you're in pursuit of something big. Small wins give you the peace of mind you need to preserve for a long journey. They give you inspiration; they give you hope. Quite simply, they keep you going. Coming out with songs has been my way of achieving 'small wins' since quite sometime, though it was slightly different this time around.

It takes incredible effort to track songs at this production level. Each note in my heart needs to find its way through my instruments, to the recording room where it's met with ruthless scrutiny for precision. Every tap of my drumkit needs to be on the click, and every note I sing needs to be simply terrific. Most importantly, all the words in my mind need to be crafted into the melody, till they flow like the river. Beautiful, meaningful and calm. It's a magical experience, which got a bit harder this time because of an illness I got right after taking the first Covid vaccine.

I got Tinnitus, which is a condition where your ears ring constantly. A sharp "beep" keeps playing in your head and it becomes really hard to sleep. I also developed sensitivity in my ears (Hyperacusis) which makes it painful for me to bear the sounds of regular environment. A few days ago, I went to a restaurant with my family and it blew my head off, even though I had my ears capped with cotton and a pair of tight fitting headphones. It's tough.

But the most painful repercussion of this condition is that I'm not being able to listen to my songs as I used to. Earlier, I used to hear my song's master tracks for hours before jotting down notes for my producer buddy Abhishek, but now, I just listen once and ask my family members for cues after training them on how to evaluate the sound. It's pretty weird. But despite all this, Sahi is finally out after being stuck in the production hell for a long time. It's beautiful, and sounds like "class" written all over. Maybe it's not that small a win this time, right?

Thanks for reading. See you soon! By the way, here's my Spotify. :)

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