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4th book of 2019: Start small, Finish Big by Fred DeLuca

Did you know Subway is a $100 Billion empire, still owned and operated as a private company? It's incredible how huge Subway is and yet it manages to stay away from the spotlight because of being a private enterprise owned by Deluca family. I wanted to learn about it.

In this book, Fred Deluca (who started Subway when he was 17) shares his journey and 15 lessons which he thinks are important for most startups. Most important being his belief in "Starting small and finishing big". Just like a "Lean Startup", Fred asks us to take small steps and quickly (and continuously) iterate to improve the product, instead of risking huge investments from the word "go". Fred's very passionate about encouraging the spirit of "micro entrepreneurship" and wants to see it bloom. All he'd like to see you doing is starting up small and perhaps finishing big.

He doesn't seem to be much of a writer, and all the 15 lessons seem very cliched. But whenever he talked about Subway's journey, it was fun to learn. Nice guy, all the way.


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