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1st book of 2020: Traction by Gabriel Weinberg & Justin Mares

This book obviously seemed relevant. In my years of building The Testament, I worked for a few years and did over half a million dollars in sales through cold calls/referrals only. During those years, my personal selling was our only channel of distribution and it worked, until we shifted from our B2B business and built products to address greater opportunities. Unfortunately, our moonshots couldn't gather enough "traction". What they got were some warm and touching obituaries (from me).

This book talks about all channels of distribution to gather that elusive "traction". Just how The Lean Startup talked about cracking Product Development, this one talks about cracking the distribution. And as the saying goes, "First time founders focus on the product, second time founders focus on distribution". Distribution is everything.

Traction is like a formula book. It seems to have all the formulae, and that's great. But we all know what's more important than learning formulae, right? Solving problems. If you're already flying as an entrepreneur, you probably don't need this. As they say, "birds don't need to be lectured on how to fly". The rest can consider it a crash course.

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