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'What's your story?' by Anjana Menon: Book Review

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

When I read that a Founder Editor of Livemint (Ms. Anjana Menon) has written a book on business storytelling, I found myself excited. It's no secret and surprise that I've been a fan of Livemint's work. Previous episodes of my podcast have featured Mihir Dalal, Kashyap Deorah and Mr. Vaitheeswaran K, all of whom are connected to the business newspaper in interesting ways. To the uninitiated, the paper published some especially phenomenal stories in 2015-2016, some of which proved to be pivotal for the 'bubble pop' which soon followed in the Indian startup ecosystem. I vividly remember the piece on Foodpanda. Extraordinary journalism!

So naturally, after finding out about the book, I quickly ordered it. Expectations were high, and thankfully, they were all met in this compact handbook. The book's goal was to teach entrepreneurs, executives and their teams on how they can optimise their business storytelling and stand out in the modern media landscape. And refreshingly, it delivered what it promised in a zero BS way. The tone was simple, direct and succinct. Content was precise and powerful.

Think about it, if you're an entrepreneur trying to get your word out in the world of startup media, it's crucial to not mess things up. A good article in a reputed newspaper goes a long way and a stream of such content can give you wings. What should you do so your startup story gets in the papers? And what's the right way to always stay in the news? These are important questions and the book does a good job demystifying them for us. What particularly works is the firsthand experience of Ms. Menon with absolutely no trace of self aggrandisement. There's no substitute for experience, as they say. You can sense the authenticity of it from a mile way. Picking up this book is a good opportunity for the young guns to get some quick lessons, or be reminded about them in a fast, no nonsense way.

A good book. Would surely recommend! Also, I'm happy to share that I texted Ms. Menon to join me on the next episode of I Read This Book, and she said yes! I'll be looking forward to an educative and entertaining episode. Follow the podcast here. Cheers!

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