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The Rat Redemption: Short Story by Nishant Mittal

"I don't want to hurt you, buddy. I want to help you", I said to the mouse trapped at the gallery outside my room. He wasn't a guest and he knew it. After a few unsuccessful attempts of climbing up the wall in a haste, he looked at me, beginning to accept what seemed like the end.

"Relax, it'll be okay".

I tried to calm him down as I put forward the cotton bag. He frantically tried to scale the walls in a last ditch attempt, before also trying to escape right under my nose.

"That's not going to happen". He understood. The bag was my white flag, but who sees that coming? I'm sure he had seen enough deaths in his family to know what it meant. Either way, he didn't have an option. A few moments of stillness later, he looked at me and entered the bag. I guess he did what we all do in moments like these - accept the fate and take a leap of faith, or maybe just quit.

"This is your day, cutie. Hope it makes you feel good", I spoke as I took him out of the house. Despite his friends having a history of shitting all over my musical instruments (and books), I felt for him. We had taken his land, what's the boy supposed to do? Humanity is the greatest natural disaster. They deserved better.

"There you go, buddy. Beware the cats!" I said as I threw the bag in the garden outside. Much to my surprise, he didn't move. I waited for a few seconds and he was still inside.

"Oh, man. Are you okay?". I gently shook the bag and he was out. It's possible that the cloth was too heavy for him, or maybe he was in a state of shock. But he seemed to be fine and that made me glad. I stood in silence and watched him as he waited, pointing his little eyes towards me.

It was time to say goodbye...

This isn't that rat, but maybe his friend?

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