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Celebrating the success of Accha Hua: Nishant Mittal & Abhishek Pawar

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Accha Hua recently reached over 500 personal playlists on Spotify, crossing over 43 thousands streams absolutely independently, without any support from any organisation whatsoever. This isn't "viral success", but it's definitely a beautiful "small win". And if there's something I've learnt for sure, it's that we must never miss out on celebrating "small wins" in life. Small wins make everything worth it.

In the video, I sit with my longtime producer and friend - Abhishek Pawar - and talk with him about how Accha Hua came to be. It was really nice to go down the memory lane and talk about how everything happened. The composition, the words, the production, the promotion (or lack thereof). How we grew together, and are still on it. It was beautiful chatting like this.

Stupid as I was back then (and still am, unfortunately), I didn't know how to pitch a song to Spotify's editorial playlists. (Sahi was the first song I pitched, and it was featured in the Fresh Finds India playlist for over a month.) I wonder how beautiful it would have been if Accha Hua also got a formal push of some kind. But anyway, it's nice that the song could hold its own and find its place in people's hearts.

I feel incredible whenever I get a message/tweet/post from a stranger about how this song made them feel. It fills my heart with true pride and joy. If you're one of those nice people - thank you. I'm really glad you like my work and hope you keep finding good in it. One day, god willing, I might just come out with something that makes you really, really proud. That's the hope. Godspeed!

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I'd like to thank:

Rajat Mittal, for being a good brother

Ankita Goswami, for being the Jerry Mcguire of this story

My family and friends, for constant (and unreasonable) support.

My new song - Jaza - is coming out soon! To hear it first, subscribe to the mailing list (at the bottom of the website). Hope it becomes your favourite. Thank you all. See you soon!


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